Launch of the Wilo-Atmos GIGA-B

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The reliable all-rounder for heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration, industrial services, irrigation, fire, and other applications.

LATAM. The importance of resource-friendly and energy efficient products is greater than ever. As one of the world’s leading premium manufacturers of pumps and pump systems, Wilo is aware of its responsibility towards issues that will shape our future, by adopting technologies that tackle these challenges. Going beyond the obvious, Wilo creates innovative applications and develops products that are sustainable and that can be integrated into complex systems.

Efficiency and reliability

The Wilo-Atmos GIGA-B is a glanded pump in monobloc design, which is particularly suitable for transporting water in a variety of building types. The pump is characterised by its low life cycle cost thanks to its optimised hydraulic efficiency and ensures a long service life due to the corrosion-resistant cataphoretic coating of all cast components. A great variety of components as well as its wide temperature range from -20 °C to +140 °C makes it an allrounder with a broad coverage of applications.

Installation and maintenance are customer-friendly thanks to standard pump support feet, back pull-out design with optional cartridge mechanical seal for large pump types (from 37 kW/4-pole). Due to its main dimensions in accordance with EN 733 it is compatible with many existing monobloc pumps. With the launch of the Atmos GIGA-B, Wilo has another glanded pump series at the cutting edge of technology under its belt.

For further information and exclusive launch prices, please get in touch with your nearest Wilo office or local distributor.

Wilo-Atmos GIGA-B