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Success Story in Cuba

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Pressurization System guarantees water supply at the Fine Arts Museum.

Havana, Cuba. Wilo LATAM is now present in the Cuban capital! Continuing our commitment of positioning our services and solutions throughout the Latin American region, we are happy to communicate this new project that Wilo takes on today in the city of Havana. This time, with the installation of a group of pressurization systems of the SiBoost Smart FC model in the well-known national Museum of Fine Arts.

The previously installed equipment had suffered deterioration in all its pumps, most of them were no longer in service. The fundamental problem detected was that the suction was based on a common collector in negative suction, which caused the equipment to malfunction and deteriorate early.

"Once again we were able to show our customers the quality of the equipment and solutions that Wilo has to offer. Our equipment guarantees high quality standards and complies with international requirements and regulations, ensuring comfort and a long-life cycle. We would like to thank all employees for their confidence in us." says the project manager, Raul Rodriguez.

Today, with the commissioning of the pressurization system with the 3 pumps of the SiBoost Smart FC 3HELIX V 1004 model in the Museum of Fine Arts, an optimal solution to the critical situation of the old pressurization system, was achieved, meeting the flow and load requirements of the Museum.

The teamwork and the great experience of Wilo Cuba's team in this commissioning and with Wilo Brazil's contribution in the assembly of this pressurization system, made this project a success.