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Welcome to the new, digital Wilo-World

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Technology specialist sets benchmark for virtual customer experience

Dortmund. What would it be like to be able to view products in their applications from your desk? What would be the added value of a central, virtual contact point that offers information and experience in equal measure? To what extent would work be made easier if all the technical data needed for design were available anytime and anywhere? Wilo’s answer is: Welcome to the new, digital world of Wilo, Welcome to the "Wilo-World"!

The starting point and centre of the world, which has been photo-realistically implemented down to the smallest detail, is the new digital headquarters of the technology specialist: the Wilopark in Dortmund. "A journey through the digital world starts from here, -visiting and walking through real references where our pumps, systems and solutions work," explains Katrin König, Head of Group Marketing of the Wilo Group. Customers can decide for themselves which areas they want to visit and thus gain an in-depth, virtual insight into applications and solutions. "The areas that can be accessed interactively following our strategic claim to provide the right, holistic answers to the pressing challenges of our time as a premium supplier," says Katrin König. "In this respect, we have defined functional areas and present our customised solutions here."

Solutions provider for the most diverse requirements

"In addition to the familiar application areas of sanitary, heating and air conditioning, in the Wilo-World we also show our expertise and application know-how in cold water applications, which is increasingly coming into focus worldwide due to increasing urbanisation and water shortage," explains Björn Sparbrod, Head of Group Product Management at Wilo. In the "Housing & Living Zone", the focus is on water supply and disposal, but also on heating, air conditioning and cooling. In the "Commercial & Institutional Zone", the journey leads to the skyscrapers in the centre of Moscow or to hospitals and hotels. For the Champion Partner of the Bundesliga football team Borussia Dortmund, a virtual visit to Germany's largest stadium, the Signal-Iduna-Park, in the so-called "Recreational Zone" is of course not to be missed. "All references shown in the new, digital Wilo-World are real and the installed pump systems also correspond to real installation situations, as you can also find them on site," explains Björn Sparbrod. This also applies to the irrigation projects shown in the "Agricultural Zone" or the offshore oil drilling platform in the "Industry" area. "With the Wilo-World, we created an image of the real world, which is unique in the industry in this form in terms of the level of detail, from the Apart from the Wilo-World being available around the clock and its realistically presented applications, he also sees considerable added value in the fact that more in-depth information can be taken from the linked online catalogue at any time.

"Benchmark in the virtual customer encounter"

"The digital Wilo-World represents an important, additional point of contact with our customers and partners," explains Dr Patrick Niehr, Chief Change Officer of the Wilo Group, who does not see the digital world as a product of the Corona pandemic. "We repeatedly positioned ourselves as a digital pioneer in the industry with our innovative solutions and services. The new Wilo-World sets another benchmark in virtual customer encounters that go far beyond mere visual presentation."

The new, digital Wilo-World will go online just in time for the start of the digital ISH trade fair on 22 March 2021 and is available at