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Wilo Brazil supplies pumps for raw water intake from the Guarani Aquifer

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The Wilo-Actun ZETOS is our versatile solution for efficient raw water intake, from municipal water supply to agriculture and mining

São Jose do Rio Preto. The reliable supply of drinking water is one of the fundamental pillars for a functioning society. Ever scarcer resources, increasing water requirements and fluctuating groundwater levels are the challenges here. For water extraction, system solutions are required that enable optimum adaptation to the operating conditions. Wilo offers high-quality, future-oriented solutions for this area of application that actively support our customers in the fundamental task of a cost and energy-efficient water supply.

The city of São José do Rio Preto has about 465,000 inhabitants and is in the Guarani Aquifer reservoir region, which is considered one of the largest freshwater underground reservoirs on the planet. According to Trata Brazil, in 2020 the city ranked 4th among the municipalities with the best sanitation and the lowest rate in the state of São Paulo. SeMAE currently produces 55 million m3 / year of water, of which the Guaraní aquifer, with eight wells, produces 13.5 million m3 / year.

Reliability and efficiency in all fields of application

The Wilo-Actun ZETOS is our versatile solution for efficient raw water intake, from municipal water supply to agriculture and mining. With a best-in-class pump efficiency of up to 85.5 %, the ZETOS is ideal for energy-efficient water supply in virtually all processes. The tough stainless steel investment casting and the robust design guarantee a long service life and a sustainable high efficiency, especially in difficult conditions, i.e., a high sand content of up to 150 g/m3.

Together with the high-performance hydraulic units, the motor-pump set is composed of very high-performance motors, rewindable, PE/PA insulation, and the option of permanent magnet rotor motors with yields of up to 93%, ensuring high levels of global efficiency and sustainable operation. The number of stages, their diffusers and impellers not only guarantee the performance specified in the projects, but also enable Wilo-Actun ZETOS to be individually adapted to your requirements during operation and to achieve maximum energy efficiency and sustainability. This advantage is also evident when it comes to submersible motors.

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