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Domestic Hot Water

Using precious drinking water

Water is essential for life and subject to the highest quality requirements. This also applies to the technology that controls and safeguards the domestic hot water supply. Circulators from Wilo are the solution for all who have the most exacting demands on materials, operation and convenience.

Water is one of the most important resources worldwide. And this is what makes the sustainable handling of this resource so important. Over 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water, but only a fraction of this amount is entirely suitable for use as drinking water. As the water used for drinking water is extracted as 70 percent groundwater and spring water.

Trinkwarmwasser, Trinkwasserzirkulation

Convenience that pays off

Lack of circulation or too long a pipe distance are often the reasons why cold water first comes out the tap and the water temperature only gradually rises. Until the water has been heated to the desired temperature, several litres of drinking water flow down the drain. In order to curb wastage of drinking water in the home, it is worth getting hold of a circulator. Reliable domestic hot water supply faces a challenge in commercial use as well. Circulators from Wilo satisfy the most exacting quality requirements when handling water, the substance that is essential for life. They ensure trouble-free operation and are particularly efficient, which means they save electricity. Intelligent technology can do both: it provides hot water quickly, while saving energy and resources at the same time.

Water Quality

The water quality is normally legally regulated and controlled by directives, various guidelines, recommendations and regulations. The taste of drinking water varies in many regions due to the differing minerals that are dissolved in the water from the ground and rock substrates the water passes through. Healthy, clean drinking water is colourless and clear as well as neutral in taste, odourless and safe.

The drinking water supply process is made up of water extraction, treatment and distribution. During the complete drinking water supply process chain, the preservation of contamination barriers is enormously important in order to keep the need for technical treatment to a bare minimum. Contamination due to material, substances or legionella does not occur in distribution systems that have been installed in a proper manner and which are regularly and correctly maintained and operated. Therefore the decisive component for high drinking water quality is excellent management of the systems, which is the responsibility of water utilities and building owners or operators. To meet these challenges, Wilo offers tailored, high-quality solutions for a drinking water supply that you can rely on.

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