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Pressure Boosting

Pressure Boosting

Beautiful mountains and long valleys are any walker’s dream. For a water utility company, however, this scenario sets a highly complex set of challenges. Efficient pumps that can constantly provide suitable pressure and good planning are necessary to reliably supply regions that have significant differences in elevation and numerous consumption points that are spread out.

However, even in areas that are less geographically striking, water still has to be transported over long distances and distributed. Especially in large cities with numerous tall and large buildings, distribution at the correct pressure is a challenge that should not be underestimated as it necessitates a huge distribution network of pipes.

Efficient pressure management from the waterworks to the consumer

Reliable and trouble-free supply of water is necessary to guarantee the living standards and health of the population. Old pipework often constitutes a problem as it becomes porous when constantly subjected to water pressure. This, in turn, causes cracks through which water is lost. To prevent this sort of water loss, the water pipe system is constantly inspected by electronic devices. Another means of minimizing the losses due to excessive pressure in the pipes is the selection of the right pump with an efficient pressure management. Reliable, intelligent Wilo pumps ensure that the desired pressure is always provided to the end consumer and any losses and the associated costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

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