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Raw Water Intake

Solution for wells and surface waters

Wherever large quantities of water are needed, the extraction of surface water is also a frequent option. Water is pumped and transferred, for water purification for example, by using shallow wells in lakes or rivers.

The establishment and management of wells are major cost factors in water supply. Of great importance is extensive knowledge in geohydrology, water quality, water resource development options and materials, as well as flow conditions at the well. Having your own well or borehole makes you independent of expensive drinking water and rainwater that is only limitedly available. Wilo submersible pumps will help you pump ground water and irrigate larger areas reliably and easily.

System landscape water management
Water Management contractor - raw water intake

Reliable solutions for all volume flows

Municipal suppliers as well as industry require large quantities of water on a daily basis. Efficient methods and the development of new sources such as desalinated seawater or aquifers (ground water pipes) are possible options for securing future supplies. Ecologically and economically high standards are already being applied to the production of water from lakes, dams, rivers, and seas. A well offers great potential for savings if the pump is operating at its optimum duty point. Wilo submersible pumps can be precisely adjusted to operating conditions. The installation depth and well yield determine which pump to use. The selection criteria are optimal efficiency for minimising energy costs and the use of suitable materials for long-term and maintenance-free pumping operation. In addition, precise trimming of the impeller diameter enables the desired delivery rates to be established precisely. This guarantees you an economical solution. We can handle even fluctuating water levels, for example behind dams, with optimum levels of efficiency and a high degree of operational reliability. For the extraction of water containing corrosive and abrasive elements we use resistant materials such as duplex and coatings like Ceram or Ceram CT. They withstand attacks from aggressive substances and allow long-term pumping operation.

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