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Wilo-RainSystem AF 400 | Wilo
Your advantages
Wilo-RainSystem AF 400

Your advantages

  • Low-noise due to optimised overall flow and noise concept (multistage centrifugal pumps)
  • Maximum operating reliability through the use of fully electronic RainControl Hybrid controller
  • High economic efficiency due to needs-based fresh water replenishment
  • Automatic control of the feeding pump
  • System/level control in low-voltage range
Series description
RainSystem AF 400-2MP 304 - 605


Automatic rainwater utilisation system with hybrid tank (400 litres) and 2 non-self-priming pumps of the MultiPress-MP series


Commercial and industrial rainwater utilisation for conserving drinking water as a hybrid system in conjunction with rainwater storage tanks or vessels


  • Connection-ready module with compact construction
  • Completely connected, electrically and hydraulically, and mounted on vibration-insulated baseplate, comprising:
    • 2 non-self-priming, corrosion-free, low-noise MultiPress series centrifugal pumps
    • R 1 1/2 joint tubing on the pressure side, including transmitter unit with 8-l diaphragm pressure vessel following the flow-through principle and shut-off device with draining, manometer 0–10 bar
    • Ball valve on suction and pressure sides and non-return valve
    • A large-volume hybrid tank with all connections, non-turbulent supply lines and overflow with siphon
    • RainControl Hybrid central switchgear with control electronics, 4–20 mA pressure transmitter and level control in the low-voltage range
    • Signals concerning operation and malfunctions
    • Steady system control by means of cyclical pump cycling and integrated test run on idle pumps
    • Automatic fault-actuated switchover and peak-load operation
    • Automatic water exchange in the replenishment reservoir
    • Permanent display of rainwater storage level, system pressure, operating status via LCD (optional)
    • Including DVGW-certified R 1 solenoid valve for the drinking water replenishment



AF 400-2 MP 605 DM


Automatische Regenwasserversorgungs- und Frischwassernachspeiseanlage


Inhalt (L) des Trinkwassernachspeise-Reservoirs


Anzahl der Pumpen


Eingebaute Pumpentype; normalsaugende, horizontale, mehrstufige Kreiselpumpe der Baureihe MultiPress


Förderstrom (m3/h) bei optimalem Wirkungsgrad




Dreiphasen-Wechselstrom 3~400 V, 50 Hz

Technical data

  • Operating pressure max. 10 bar
  • Protection class: IP 54
  • Connections:
    • Pressure pipe/pressure-side joint tubing R 1 ½
    • Inflow pipe HT 50
    • Overflow connection DN 100


  • Pump housing made of 1.4301 stainless steel
  • Impeller made of Noryl
  • Shaft made of 1.4028 stainless steel
  • Mechanical seal made of ceramic/carbon
  • Stage chambers made of Noryl
  • Diaphragm expansion tank, steel, painted


  • Ready-to-connect water-supply unit with 2 water-supply pumps as compact module for commercial and industrial rainwater utilisation
  • For fully automatic supply with rainwater from ground reservoir or rainwater storage tank using submersible motor pumps as feeding pumps
  • Depending on the pump dimensioning, greater distances between the system and rainwater storage tank can be bridged over with this hybrid system (see also Wilo submersible motor pumps, Wilo-Drain series)
  • High-volume hybrid tank with all integrated functions offers needs-based replenishment of drinking water in the consumer network when rainwater storage tanks are not full.
  • Fully-electronic control unit for controlling the water supply and cistern pump, equipped with main switch, control switch for each pump with Manual-0-Automatic function and display of the operating status operation/fault for each pump as well as low-water display
  • Depending on the pressure, pumps are switched on and off in cascade according to the need for water
  • Diaphragm pressure vessel for energy savings in the event of smallest leakages in buildings
  • Steady system control by means of cyclical pump cycling and integrated test run on idle pumps.
  • Automatic fault-actuated switchover and peak-load cut-in guarantee maximum system availability.
  • In the event of low water, the system is switched off by built-in dry-running protection
  • Including integrated electronic motor protection
  • Control device displays extensive signals; it is also equipped with potential-free contacts for collective run signals and collective fault signals
  • System is ideal for connection to building management system (GLT/DDC)

Scope of delivery

  • Two noise-reduced, normal suctioning, multistage centrifugal pumps
  • 400 l hybrid tank with all required connections, transmitter unit with 8 l diaphragm pressure vessel, central switchgear, RainControl-Hybrid with control electronics and level control device of Wilo-Drain TM or TS cistern pumps in three-phase version (optionally in single-phase version) to be ordered separately


  • Rainwater storage level indicator
  • Operating hours counter
  • Individual run/fault signals
  • Clock timer
  • 3~230 V, 50 Hz
  • 60 Hz versions
  • Extension module AF 400

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-RainSystem AF400

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