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Wilo is going beyond pumps

Pumps are our passion. Our aim is to offer you much more than high-performance and cost-effective pumps. This is because holistic solutions are playing a major role in an ever faster and more complex digital world.

As a result, we’re going beyond pumps and using our cutting-edge technologies, innovative applications and strong expertise to develop products that can be integrated into complex systems. We also help you with analysis, provide individual consultation and recommend tailored and cost-effective solutions.

With each new Wilo product and our comprehensive service, our goal is to make your work even easier and more efficient. Thanks to our exacting standards of quality and reliability, we continue to develop innovative solutions and pioneering products that you can fully trust – both today and in future.

We apply our values and drive to all of our segments. This means we can guarantee qualityand sustainability.

In all of the segments we are active in, new and powerful pump systems are constantly being further developed and optimised by Wilo engineers, in order to meet the permanently growing and more complex requirements.

Building Services

In building services we offer high-tech pumps and pump systems for both residential houses and commercial facilities. Multi-family houses are supplied reliably and environmentally-friendly by Wilo pumps.

Building services solutions

Water Management

Water management in the areas of water supply as well as drainage and sewage is the segment in which we have a particularly extensive amount of know-how and many years of expertise. All Wilo pumps and systems in your segment are in a highly technological state and specialised, to fulfil specific requirements.

Water management solutions


The supply of industrial enterprises is a very extensive and economically complex segment with highly specialised pump systems. Wilo proved itself in this area decades ago and has remained true to its principles by constantly adhering to all of its high quality requirements.

Industry solutions


In the OEM segment, Wilo offers a high-efficiency and cost-conscious product portfolio in addition to tailored services. Here, products in the sectors of cooling, heating, solar thermal energy, geothermal energy and sanitation are being constantly adapted to customer wishes and requirements.

OEM solutions

Efficient air conditioning – the German Football Museum in Dortmund

Large buildings that house a variety of applications require highly sophisticated technology and intelligent networking. The German Football Museum in Dortmund is a prime example. In addition to the exhibition areas, the building comprises of a multifunctional arena, several dining areas and a separate floor for events, together extending over 7,700 square metres. The imposing glass front often serves as a canvas for multimedia images and, therefore, must remain free of condensation. Optimal air conditioning is provided by 21 highly efficient circulators, fully controlled by the building management system. These Wilo pumps ensure resource-efficient operation while maximising potential savings.

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