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Confronting climate change quickly and efficiently

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Wilo-Energy Solutions – introducing the energy revolution with proactive efficiency measures.

The need for a sustainable approach to the use of energy resources is undisputed in the face of climate change. The urbanisation in Asia and Africa and the aspiration for Western levels of affluence show that abandonment strategies are no solution. There is demand for many more strategies that will deliver significant improvements in energy efficiency, particularly as these can be realised in the short term.

Ecology – the growth engine

Energy transition is one of the greatest environmental and economic challenges of the next decade. One nation that has formulated specific goals to achieve the energy transition is Germany. With this, not only is 80 % of future electricity demand to be met from renewable energy by 2050, but primary energy consumption is also to be reduced by 50 % compared to 2008.

If we can show that environmental protection and economic growth are no contradiction in terms, the German model will set an international precedent and strengthen and grow our global economic importance.

Reduction in CO2 emissions – a global challenge

Wilo has been campaigning for the issue of energy efficiency for decades. A large number of all pumps used worldwide is considered technologically outdated. There is enormous savings potential in replacing old uncontrolled pumps with modern high-efficiency pumps. CO2 emissions could be reduced sustainably worldwide.

The initiative for greater economy and sustainability

Wilo-Energy Solutions is an initiative which involves the early replacement of still functioning but uncontrolled pumps with Wilo high-efficiency pumps. We point out all the advantages of an early switch for operators of public, commercial and industrial buildings, plants and objects. Besides the environmental benefit, there are important arguments such as the 80 % reduction in energy costs, future security, supply security and hygiene security.

Outmoded energy consumption.

Since it opened in 1976, the Klinikum Bremerhaven has been the most modern hospital of its kind in the Bremen region, with a total of 710 beds. However, in stark contrast with its leading medical reputation, the building’s technical facilities and systems were far from current. In 2004, the hospital’s primary energy costs were €2.4 million. The most important aspect for the Klinikum’s patients is, as it has always been, competent medical staff and the use of state-of-the-art medical technology. However, the medical system and the rapid recovery of patients are both dependent on reliable and optimised building technology.

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Optimum energy efficiency for every application

Pump technology from Wilo is used in the areas of heating, cooling, air conditioning, water supply and sewage disposal as well as industrial applications. Under Wilo-Energy Solutions we present 6 models which provide optimum energy efficiency for almost every application.

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