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Wilo South Africa receives award at AHK Energy Efficiency & Awards Showcase Event

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The Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce celebrated innovative German energy-efficiency solutions in South Africa on 11 November 2021

Wilo South Africa receives award at AHK Energy Efficiency & Awards Showcase Event

Wilo South Africa receives an award for destinction in energy efficiency.

This recognition award is for using innovative, energy efficient technology "Made in Germany" for a wastewater restoration project in Hoopstad, Free State, South Africa.

The Hoopstad project was endorsed by the local provincial government. The contractor of the project was HT Pelatona and the Free State Local Government funded and managed the project.

The scope of the project was to repair and restore six pump stations that were malfunctioning. This resulted in numerous sewage spills and increased maintenance costs. Wilo retrofitted the six existing pump stations with Wilo EMUport Solid Separation systems, complete with control panels. Wilo South Africa commissioned the installation and will be responsible for the maintenance.

The EMUport Solid Separation System has resulted in a 15% to 25% saving in power consumption while reducing maintenance costs by more than 60%. This innovative technology is produced in the Wilo factory in Germany and is designed to solve problems of blockages associated with traditional wastewater pumping stations.

The Wilo EMUport solid separation system reduces the solids going through the pump. Therefore, pumps with lower solids handling capabilities can be installed, resulting in higher efficiency levels. Wilo’s Solid Separation System arrives ready for installation and connection with minimal effort on site. Due to the system being a plug and play pump station, the project implementation was reduced by 6 months.

The Wilo EMUport Solid Separation System technology can be retrofitted into current systems quickly and effectively to ensure a working pump station that has improved efficiency levels and lower maintenance costs.

"Sustainability defines our company as a whole. It is part of our business model. Therefore, we are truly honored to have been recognized and awarded for our energy efficient solutions."