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Wilo offers solutions along the “water cycle”

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Holistic approach for sustainable and secure water infrastructure

Wilo offers solutions along the “water cycle”

Wilo moves water – and has done so for almost 150 years. Innovative spirit and strength have been the constant and ever present driving force of the technology specialist ever since the company was founded. This can be seen in the numerous initiatives that time and again revolutionised water transport: the first circulation accelerator, the first electronically controlled pump, the first high-efficiency pump and the first pump with smart networking technology were all developed by Wilo. In doing so, Wilo always had one thing in mind: making people’s lives easier and improving them.

“At Wilo, products, solutions and innovations never just serve an end in themselves, but rather are conceived with the customers’ requirements and application in mind”, explains Georg Weber, Chief Technology Officer of the Wilo Group. It doesn’t matter what state the liquid water’s in or how hot or cold it is: “Our company’s core competency that’s practically in our DNA is the handling of water, whether we’re dealing with fresh water or wastewater, warm or cold, extraction, transport or treatment”, according to Georg Weber.

Wilo is responding to the current challenges in terms of climate protection and sustainability and has defined strategic megatrends, based on which the solutions of the future are developed. “As part of our strategic long-term planning, we’ve identified five defined megatrends, which, in addition to Globalisation 2.0, include urbanisation, water and energy shortage and climate change”, explains Georg Weber. “Water infrastructure plays a key role in all areas. We develop suitable solutions along the entire so-called “water cycle” at Wilo.”

The Group-wide Strategy 2025 addresses precisely these issues. “The holistic approach clearly demonstrates our commitment to a modern, future-oriented and sustainable portfolio”, explains Thomas Lang, Group Vice President Group Market Segment Management. “Focusing on the solution - that’s how we create customer benefits at all levels.” In the eyes of Thomas Lang, implementing this requires a clear strategy with a viable portfolio, including in the service area, an intelligent expansion of the company’s own resources, including through strategic partnerships and targeted acquisitions, as well as stringent implementation.

As a holistic service provider, the technology specialist especially makes use of progressive digitalisation in order to provide precise answers to the challenges thrown up by the megatrends described. “Smart systems in water infrastructure are not only helpful in reducing costs, for example in terms of maintenance”, explains Thomas Lang. “There are also great advantages here in terms of energy efficiency and operational reliability, which we, as a digital pioneer in the pump industry, make use of in our solutions and ultimately pass on to our customers and partners”.