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Building automation

Intelligent solutions for building automation

There’s nothing more short-lived and confusing than information technology. What today is still considered to be state-of-the-art might possibly be replaced with a new standard tomorrow. There is also a multitude of different closed system environments. Therefore, different communication systems are used in building automation.

Flexible due to a modular concept

Wilo offers interface modules for connecting to almost all pumps so that connection to building automation is always guaranteed to meet current and future requirements in an optimum way. This means the pumps can be integrated directly into the existing system on-site. This means the best possible protection for your investment when building automation is upgraded and converted. To change the communication system, it is enough to exchange the IF module, which can be done in just a few steps.

Advantage thanks to dual pump management

Many Wilo pump series for circulation applications are prepared for dual pump operation or are already standard-equipped. Wilo dual pump management not only allows a switchover or peak-load cut-in, but can even contribute to energy savings in some areas. In its application, the double pump is no more complicated, but is safer and easier to use.

Control devices for more complex tasks

Wilo offers the right technology for pump systems and more complex tasks. In this regard, too, the components are prepared for integration in building automation.

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Dual pump management

if modul stratos lon pic 01

LON communication system


Control and signalling function

ir stick pic 01


IF-Modul Modbus

Wilo protocol PLR