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Pressure drainage system with Nexos Intelligence

Pressure drainage system with Nexos Intelligence: smart networking for increased reliability and efficiency.

Pumping untreated sewage is becoming increasingly demanding due to the varying feeding conditions which often lead to clogging in the pressure pipe network. The innovative pressure drainage system with Nexos Intelligence networks, monitors and controls the individual pumping stations for reliable and energy-efficient pressure drainage.

Pressure drainage system with Nexos Intelligence

  • Optimised flow rates in the collector pipelines ensure that the pressure drainage systems are energy-efficient and run without clogging
  • The pumps are economical to use as their duty points are optimised to ensure reliable operation with low rates of wear
  • This results in reduced running and maintenance costs for municipal sewage pipes
  • Operating costs are reduced by early fault detection and targeted troubleshooting
  • Networked systems and digital data transfer make it easy for every pumping station to be managed online
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Pressure drainage with Nexos Intelligence

The pressure drainage system with Nexos Intelligence gives you comprehensive networking, monitoring and control of a pressure drainage system. It consists of the Wilo-Port 800 pump chamber, the Wilo-Rexa CUT submersible sewage pump with macerator, the Wilo-EC Lift switchgear with radio antenna, a gateway and operating software. The individual pumping stations are digitally networked with one another and with a central control software system. This controls the pumping stations and drains them according to individually developed algorithms, either in stages or at set intervals. This intelligent solution ensures compliance with optimal flow rates in the collector pipelines and collective pumping stations, while also minimising the risk of deposits and clogging.

Remote monitoring and control

All status information is collected at a central server, which means that any error messages are recognised early and communicated via text message and e-mail. This makes targeted intervention possible, preventing further damage to the system.

On top of this, Nexos Intelligence provides the option of controlling either individual pumping stations or all pumping stations together. Particularly during maintenance work on the collective pumping station, this can result in temporary deactivation of the entire pressure drainage system and thereby avoid backflow.

System analysis

The operating status of each pumping station is visible at any time on the computer.

Detailed analysis functions are available, including the most important system status information. In this way the information collected can be displayed, analysed and assessed in simple forms – from detailed daily process curves to complete annual assessments.

The smart networking through the pressure drainage system with Nexos Intelligence provides operators with three key benefits: high operational reliability with a smooth, trouble-free pressure drainage system, comprehensive control over the system and energy savings.

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