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Stratos MAXO-Z 1.25x3-25 145PSI1~115/230 | Wilo

Stratos MAXO-Z 1.25x3-25 145PSI1~115/230

Article number: 2164623
Technical data
Hydraulic data
Minimum suction head 176 °F 26.2 psi
Maximum operating pressure PN 145 psi
Head max H max 35.22 US g.p.m.
Flow max Q max 41.83 US g.p.m.
Minimum suction head at 122 °F ft 9.84 ft
Minimum suction head at 203 °F ft 32.80 ft
Minimum suction head at 230 °F ft 52.48 ft
Min. fluid temperature for SHW T 32 °C
Min. fluid temperature Tmin 14 °F
Max. fluid temperature Tmax 230 °F
Min. ambient temperature SHW Tmin 32 °F
Max. ambient temperature SHW Tmax 104 °F
Min. ambient temperature Tmin 14 °F
Max. ambient temperature Tmax 104 °F
Motor data
Mains connection 1~115V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Rated power P2 0.18 hp
Min. speed nmin 500 RPM
Max. speed nmax 3550 RPM
Power consumption P1 min 0.01 hp
Power consumption P1 max 0.23 hp
Min current Imin 0.11 A
Max current Imax 0.76 A
Min current Imin 0.11 A
Max current Imax 1.53 A
Insulation class F
Protection class Enclosure 2
Installation dimensions
Pipe connection on the discharge side DNd 1.25"
Pipe connection on the suction side DNs 1.25"
Pump housing material AISI 316
Impeller PPS-GF40
Shaft --
Bearing Carbon-graphite

Stratos MAXO-Z 1.25x3-25 145PSI1~115/230

Product data
Brand Wilo
Product description Stratos MAXO-Z 1.25x3-25 145PSI1~115/230
Article number 2164623
EAN number 4048482818719
Colour Green/black/silver
Minimum order quantity 1
Date of sales availability 2019-09-01
Number per layer 4
Packaging property Transport packaging
Packaging type Cardboard box
Pieces per pallet 8
Dimension, weight
Length with packaging 23.62 in (")
Length with packaging 600 mm
Length L 12.44 in (")
Length L 316 mm
Height with packaging 15.51 in (")
Height with packaging 394 mm
Height H 6.69 in (")
Height H 170 mm
Width with packaging 15.75 in (")
Width with packaging 400 mm
Width W 7.68 in (")
Width W 195 mm
Gross weight, approx. m 0.48 lb
Gross weight, approx. m 12.3 kg
Net weight, approx. m -
Net weight, approx. m 9.5 kg

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-Stratos MAXO/-D/-Z

Article Number 2226402
Edition 2023-10
Number of pages 324
PDF (6 MB)

Certification booklet

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Article Number 2209011
Edition 2022-11
Number of pages 72
PDF (28 MB)

Release notes Software

Release notes Stratos MAXO

Article Number 2212705
Edition 2021-04
Number of pages 60
PDF (4 MB)