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Launch of solar submersible pump: Wilo Actun-OPTI

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Developed for Building Services and Water Management applications, the Wilo Actun-OPTI family of solar submersible electric pumps for groundwater extraction, uses solar power to provide running water.

LATAM. In some parts of the world, being able to take running water from the tap is not a given by any means. Water and energy resources are becoming increasingly scarce while water quality continues to fall. With its solar-powered Wilo-Actun OPTI borehole pump, Wilo has created a stand-alone solution to tackle this challenge.

Water and energy shortages: a daily challenge The Latin American region is characterised by powerful, unusually consistent renewable resources. With much of its land area located in tropical latitudes, Latin America is one of the highest potential regions for the use of solar power. Furthermore, it is home to one third of the world's freshwater resources. But, in the last decades, the uneven distribution of water resources and the growth of population and economy, further industrialization and urbanization have led to rising energy and water demands. As a result, Latin America today is facing huge water and energy shortages.

For water supply, groundwater can easily be extracted from wells and shafts with electrically driven Wilo submersible pumps. In remote areas, however, securing a stable supply of energy can often be problematic, as the power grid is usually unstable – if it exists at all. But also, urban areas are more and more facing energy shortages due to the overconsumption of energy and unexplored renewable energy options. Wilo has developed an alternative method which can be used at precisely these locations to obtain energy and provide safe water supply. The solution is a pump running with electricity generated from solar power. Solar power is a free resource that does not need extensive infrastructure.

Efficiency and reliability thanks to solar power The Wilo-Actun OPTI is specifically designed to be combined with photovoltaic systems, thereby forming a stand-alone water supply system. The borehole pump guarantees optimised output thanks to its high degree of motor and hydraulic efficiency as well as its dynamic Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. The Wilo-Actun OPTI-MS pump can also be monitored remotely via an app. This means that pump operations can be controlled using a smartphone, even at great distances. The high-quality materials used in the submersible pump’s construction also ensure a long service life. All relevant components – such as the pumps’ motor shrouds, impellers, and guide vanes – are made entirely from stainless steel. The Actun OPTI series is the ideal solution for sustainable water extraction. Due to the cooling of the water in the well, the risk of overheating is low and sudden temperature changes can be minimized without the use of expensive shielded cables. Our experience shows that, taking into account the influence of weather conditions, the life of the internal inverter can reach 10 times that of the external inverter. With Wilo's technical support, our pumps are complemented by a premium service, with spare parts supplied through our service network.

For further information and prices, please get in touch with your nearest Wilo office or local distributor.