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The Wilo-Isar BOOST5: Reliability in domestic water supply

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A solution for fluctuating water pressure

Dortmund. Providing a sufficient amount of drinking water is a key task for municipal water suppliers. And the volume of water isn’t the only thing that matters. The constant pressure at which the water reaches the consumer is just as important – if not more so. The new, compact Wilo-Isar BOOST5 pressure-boosting system guarantees constant pressure at all extraction points for domestic water supply in single-family houses.

“There are many factors that can have a negative effect on the water pressure in single-family houses,” explains Roman Zielinski, product manager at Wilo. “If many consumers who need a lot of water are active at the same time – using the shower, the garden sprinkler, the washing machine, and so on – the pressure decreases as a result of the high extraction level.” Wilo’s solution to the problem is the Wilo-Isar BOOST5, a new pressure-boosting system for domestic water supply that provides the ideal water pressure everywhere and at all times.

Cost-efficient and reliable

As well as featuring excellent reliability, the Wilo-Isar BOOST5 is suitable for use in single-family houses. This is particularly due to its construction: “Thanks to its efficient hydraulics and innovative noise control concept, the system runs smoothly and quietly,” says Roman Zielinski. “With its modern, compact design, it integrates into the home environment without attracting attention.” On top of that, the Wilo-Isar BOOST5 uses its smart sensors to adjust its speed to the requirements at hand. With its efficient hydraulics and demand-oriented supply, the system is both energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

User convenience during installation and operation

Along with its technical features, the pressure-boosting system impresses with maximum operating convenience during both installation and subsequent operation: “The Wilo-Isar BOOST5 is supplied ‘ready-to-plug’ and can be directly and flexibly installed,” explains Roman Zielinski. “Its intuitive LED display and push buttons make it very easy to configure and to adapt to the pressure requirements.” Comprehensive built-in protection features also guarantee safe operation. “The pump unit, which is made of high-quality plastic, and the hydraulics, motor, and electronics components, which are all designed for durability, guarantee a long service life.”