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Water treatment

System solutions are needed for water extraction that can be tailored to meet your specific operating conditions. Wilo offers you high-quality, future-oriented solutions for this type of application that actively assist you in your fundamental task of ensuring a cost-effective water supply. All certifications for drinking water approval Trust is one thing, but certifications are better. The Wilo pump systems for drinking water therefore fulfil the certifications and self-declarations you require for drinking water approval. These include ACS, UBA and DVGW W270. Environmentally and financially convincing solutions The role of water utility companies is diverse and demanding. They are responsible for the treatment of ground and surface water, filtration and ultrafiltration as well as disinfection in the long term. At the same time, costs and energy consumption need to be reduced. Wilo is the professional partner here with a wide range of suitable pump solutions. We make a significant contribution to optimising processes in terms of energy consumption with our highly efficient products. This minimises treatment costs and protects the environment at the same time. The high level of reliability and long service life of Wilo pumps guarantees the secure supply of drinking water in the long term. For every application of clean water treatment Wilo offers a comprehensive range of solutions with drinking water approval. The range of pumps includes monobloc and norm pumps, axially split case pumps and pressure-boosting systems, not to mention submersible pumps in the borehole for extraction or in pressure shroud design for distribution. Pumps with control via a frequency converter can be adapted to the specific requirements of the respective application and therefore contribute significantly to energy savings. In addition, there are our state-of-the-art monitoring and control solutions, which automatically generate the pressure that is required, therefore avoiding unnecessary load on the components. Our customer-specific pressure-boosting systems, which communicate with the process management technology, are used in this context. Safety and reliability for your treatment processes You must carry out various process steps to treat your water for safe use. These will depend on the local legal provisions as well as the source of your raw water and its quality. Our modern solutions assist you with the processes used for this purpose: Whether you need to remove pathogens by means of ozonation, separate particles by filtration or flocculation processes or remove medication residues by means of adsorption processes, our solutions guarantee a smooth and reliable process. Secure your operation with Wilo with maximum 24/7 availability, 365 days of the year. Furthermore, it may be necessary to deacidify or soften your water so that end users can e.g. use smaller doses of detergent. By using our pump technology, we’re making a joint contribution to protecting the environment. Our highly efficient and permanently reliable pump systems ensure reliable transportation of water for processing. Depending on your requirements, it’s either pumped for backwashing or increased in pressure. Exactly the right pump systems for distribution and pressure boosting The distribution of water to the extraction point is another application where you can count on our many years of experience. Depending on the process requirement, classic norm or axially split case pumps, pressure shroud pumps or controlled systems with constant or variable pressure are suitable. All our pumps and systems are characterised by a robust and highly efficient design as well as a long service life and low operating costs. You have the perfect selection of pump materials and sealing options available for your application, as well as various coatings to further increase efficiency or protect against adhesion. Speak with our experts about the right choice of pump to meet your individual requirements.