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SiClean 3

Fiche technique

Caractéristiques techniques
  • Alimentation réseau
    1~230 V, 50 Hz
  • Puissance nominale P2 P2
    40.0 W
  • Vitesse nominale
  • Type de branchement
    Direct en ligne (DOL)
  • Classe d'isolation
  • pression acoustique
    70 dB
Données d'exploitation
  • Température de stockage min.
    -10 °C
  • Température de stockage max.
    40 °C
  • Température du fluide min.
    0 °C
  • Température du fluide max.
    95 °C
  • Température ambiante min.
    0 °C
  • Température ambiante max.
    40 °C
Informations sur les passations de commande
  • Longueur L
    601.75 mm
  • Largeur W
    232 mm
  • Hauteur H
    1183 mm
  • Poids m
    28.00 kg
  • Fabricant
  • Désignation du produit
    SiClean 3
  • N° d'art.
  • Installation
    Montage au sol


Compact particle separator system delivered as kit and easy to install. Kit consisting of mechanical and hydraulic components: Circulation pump, separator (including magnets), drain valve, automatic regulator valve, ventilation unit, switchbox for monitoring the circulation pump. For wall fixation or floor installation (type-dependent). Suction connection and pressure connection, as well as the mains connection are performed onsite. Manual emptying of the system.

WILO-SiClean removes magnetic and non-magnetic particles, sludge and micro-bubbles from heating systems via natural physical phenomena. For installation in commercial properties (office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, schools,...) and heating and air conditioning systems for district heating.



Switchbox 1~230 V

Circulation pump

Electronically-controlled high-efficiency glandless pump (Wilo-Yonos PICO or Wilo-Yonos MAXO, depending on the system type). Low-maintenance, glandless pump with synchronous motor according to ECM technology and integrated electronic power control for continuous differential pressure control.

Ventilation unit

Ventilation unit installed on top of the system for venting of the fluid, consisting of:

  • Automatic venting device with stop valve for continuous ventilation of the fluid
  • Ventilation cap with stop valve for quick venting of the system during filling. When the system is filled with the fluid (water or water + glycol), free air in the pipes can escape via the ventilation cap. After the first venting of the sludge chamber, the stop valve must be opened again. To empty the sludge chamber, the stop valve must be opened again.

Regulating valve

The regulating valve controls the difference pressure and configures the cross-section of the opening in order to maintain flow at the preconfigured value, regardless of the pressure change in the system. The values specified below are configured on the factory side by selected and installed cartridge.


EPDM hose with stainless steel braiding from AISI 30 and brass fittings

The connections in the outlet and inlet are between ½" – 1 ¼"


Separators made of stainless steel with movable magnetic rods (1-12, type-dependent).

For SiClean types 0.5-2 with fixing material for wall fixation and for SiClean 3- with feet for floor installation. A purge valve for draining the sludge collection chamber is installed on the floor of the separator.

SiClean 0.5-2 has two connections each for the outlet and inlet for flexible selection of the flow direction within the separator. For SiClean 3-5, the system provides an outlet on both sides for easy selection of the discharge direction.

Standards followed:

  • Electrical Equipment of Machines (EN 60204-1)
  • Low-voltage switchgear combinations EN 61439-1 and 61439-2
  • EMC - Immunity for Industrial Environments EN 61000-6-2
  • EMC – Emission Standard for Residential, Commercial and Light-Industrial Environments
  • Limit values for motor efficiency in accordance with IEC TS 60034-31 Ed. 1

Scope of delivery:

  • Particle separator system Wilo-SiClean (pre-assembled kit)
  • Switchbox
  • Wilo-SiClean installation and operating instructions
  • Installation and operating instructions of the Wilo circulation pump
Caractéristiques techniques
  • Hauteur H
    1183 mm
  • Longueur L
    601.75 mm
  • Poids m
    28.00 kg
  • Largeur W
    232 mm

Informations de commande

Informations de commande
  • Fabricant
  • Désignation du produit
    SiClean 3
  • Numéro EAN
  • Référence
  • Poids brut approx. m
    55.0 kg
  • Poids net approx. m
    28 kg
  • Longueur totale L
    601.8 mm
  • Hauteur sans emballage H
    1183 mm
  • Couleur
  • Propriété de l'emballage
    Emballage de vente
  • Type d'emballage
    Palette spéciale
  • Quantité par layer
  • Largeur sans emballage L
    232.0 mm
  • Quantité minimum de commande
  • Nombre par palette



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