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Wilo app – the “Wilo Assistant”

The entire world of pumps in one app

The “Wilo Assistant” makes the entire world of high-efficiency pump technology available on smartphones and tablets for sanitation, heating and air-conditioning specialists and specialist consultants of technical building equipment.
The free “Wilo Assistant” app is an easy-to-use mobile application and offers support in designing, customer consultation and installation. It also delivers a wealth of strong sales arguments for energy-efficient, economical and environmentally friendly pump technology for heating, air conditioning and domestic hot-water circulation.

Hydronic balancing in the Wilo Assistant app

Wilo-Smart Balance is a “Wilo Assistant” app tool with which hydronic balancing has never been so easy. Particularly practical: You can use it any time to create new projects for calculation and finish them off later on your smartphone, tablet or on your PC in the quiet of your office.

The Wilo app is also available offline

In addition, the “Wilo Assistant” provides the user with direct access to product information and pump technology know-how. Most of the data content and functions are installed on the smartphone and are, therefore, available to the user even when there is no mobile Internet connection or WLAN – e.g. in the basement. This way, users can avoid using up their data volumes and are not limited by reception at the site of use.

"Wilo Assistant" also offers the following functions:

  • Interactive replacement guide for heating and domestic hot water pumps
  • Calculates the potential savings in terms of energy costs and CO2 emissions when using an energy-saving Wilo high-efficiency pump in comparison with an uncontrolled heating pump
  • Short catalogue of glandless pumps
  • Installation and operating instructions
  • Pump dimensioning: upon specifying the desired pump duty point, the right Wilo pump is recommended in seconds
  • Direct navigation to the series description via the Wilo product search.
  • Pump manual: Summary of the basic principles of heating pumps
  • Tips and tricks for optimising heating systems and domestic hot water circulation systems
  • Torch: The LED can be switched on and off! Unit converter for the most important physical units
  • Piping calculator
  • News: up-to-date information for specialist technicians and specialist consultants for technical building equipment
  • QR scanner
  • AR – augmented reality
  • Contact: The rapid connection to your contact at Wilo

App Store available German "Erhältlich im App Store"

Take advantage of the Wilo Assistant now:

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