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Smart, energy-efficient and sustainable - these attributes are linked to our products, systems and solutions worldwide. Whether in Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland or Argentina: customers from all over the world trust in our longtime expertise in the fields of Building Services, Water Management, Industry and OEM. Our references are proof points for our experience and brand value proposition. In our latest reference movie we show impressive images of reference buildings and systems where we implemented our solutions.

Building Services

The use of buildings increasingly requires the use of innovative and energy-saving systems made of optimally coordinated components. For single-, two- and multi-family homes as well as for commercial establishments, we offer high-tech pumps and systems which always provide a reliable and environmentally friendly supply.

Water Management

Water management is the segment in the areas of water supply and drainage & sewage, in which we have a great know-how and many years of expertise. All Wilo pumps and systems are highly technologized and specialized, to meet your specific requirement.


The supply of industrial plants is a very extensive and economically complex segment with highly specialized pumping systems. Wilo has proven itself in this field since decades and has remained true to all requirements with consistently high quality.

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