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Wilo as a digital pioneer is already top of the class in the industry

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Wilo plant in Laval, France, awarded as “Industry of the Future” by “Alliance Industrie du Futur” (AIF)

In the context of climate change and increasing global competitiveness, industrial companies need to adapt their product portfolio and product processes to binding energy regulations. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the trend towards and necessity for an intelligently networked production.

As a climate-protection company, the Wilo Group has been pursuing a coherent policy that promotes topics such as digital transformation and energy efficiency for years: “The products, systems and solutions that protect the climate are usually also the ones with the highest level of digital intelligence,” explains Oliver Hermes.

“We are therefore delighted that the French national organisation “Alliance Industrie du Futur” (AIF) has labelled the Wilo plant in Laval “Industry of the Future”. This confirms that we as pioneers are now already top of the class of the industry in the digital age,” says Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group. The AIF organises and coordinates initiatives, projects and measures aimed at modernising and transforming the industry in France.

“Having this label provides us the recognition with our customers, suppliers, professional organisations and stakeholder groups that our digital, industrial positioning is now seen as an example to many others. All the Wilo staff is proud of receiving this label, rewarding our excellent teamwork,” emphasises Philippe Marjollet, Group Vice President Sales Area France.

The corporate strategy of the Wilo Group does not only focus on creating smart products, systems and solutions, and building digital production facilities, but also on the consistent implementation of digitisation and future-oriented sales and marketing processes, including distribution processes. “This is where Germany and France share a common strength: they conceive the digital transformation under the label “Industry 4.0” or “Industrie du Futur” from the “back end” perspective, i.e. from procurement and production processes. Now we need to rather look at the digital transformation from the “front end”, i.e. from the customer’s point of view,” says Wilo’s CEO. “In this way, the Franco-German industrial engine can also play a leading role in the context of digital transformation and thereby push the continent to new heights,” explains Oliver Hermes.