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  • Executive Board IMGM 2020

    03-Sep-2020 | Wilo goes beyond the obvious – Global, digital top management meeting at Wilo

    Wilo’s top management connected worldwide for annual management conference in real time

    As every year, the Executive Board of the Wilo Group invites to an international top management meeting. For the first time in Wilo’s history, this is taking place as a hybrid event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • IFAT 2020 keyvisual

    02-Sep-2020 | Wilo at the IFAT impact Business Summit

    Register now for our webinar!

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  • Key visual 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders

    27-Aug-2020 | Wilo selected as one of “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” worldwide

    Global initiative of the United Nations and Bloomberg on sustainability and climate protection

    The Wilo Group has been selected this year to participate together with 49 other worldwide operating companies in the global sustainability and climate protection initiative called "50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders" of the United Nations and Bloomberg.

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  • Wilo Salmson, Laval, France

    24-Aug-2020 | Wilo as a digital pioneer is already top of the class in the industry

    Wilo plant in Laval, France, awarded as “Industry of the Future” by “Alliance Industrie du Futur” (AIF)

    In the context of climate change and increasing global competitiveness, industrial companies need to adapt their product portfolio and product processes to binding energy regulations. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the trend towards and necessity for an intelligently networked production.

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  • Oliver Hermes BrandEins

    28-Jul-2020 | Investing in Europe’s future

    Handelsblatt newspaper features guest contribution by Oliver Hermes

    The coronavirus pandemic represents a performance test for Europe in particular. European solidarity is currently being subjected to a litmus test not just in terms of health, but also with regard to economic questions.

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  • Wilo Sustainability Report 2019 cover

    08-Jun-2020 | Wilo publishes its Sustainability Report 2019: solution-oriented results and ambitious targets

    Despite the coronavirus crisis, climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time

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  • BIM Portal

    05-Jun-2020 | New Wilo BIM-portal online

    DrivingDigital transformation has been part of our everyday lives for some time now. In addition to processes and products, services are also moving into the virtual space with increasing frequency, in the construction industry, too.

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