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Marine Vented Loops

The 20013 Marine Vented Loop provides a proven way to break the vacuum in marine water systems. Back siphonage will be broken if the loop is approximately two feet above water level.

The Vacuum Breaker has a normally closed poppet which keeps vent line fumes from the vessel. The breaker is designed for a corrosion proof service life with a protected air vent. All of the parts exposed to liquid are manufactured from Delrin. The external poppet spring is stainless steel. Liquid never touches the stainless steel spring. The vacuum breaker has a low vacuum breakaway. Pressure on the inside of the loop keeps the breaker closed. The soft, resilient seat gives quiet, trouble-free operation. The spring action provides a quiet opening and closing operation. Air goes in – never out


  • Sensitive Breaker – automatically opens and prevents back siphoning.
  • Normally closed – two feet of water vacuum will cause breaker poppet to open.
  • External Stainless Steel Spring – spring is not in liquid. Has a protective dust cover.
  • Clog Proof
  • 140 degree F maximum temperature


  • Head Flushing Discharge Line
  • Engine Wet Exhaust Line
  • Bilge Pump Out Line
  • Shower Pump
  • Engine Cooling Systems

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Features & Benefits

  • Stops Back Siphonage
  • Sizes 1/2"-2"
  • SAE Hose Barb connection

Technical Data

Materials of Construction

  • 316 Stainless Steel

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