Wilo USA Exhibited at WEFTEC 2017 in Chicago, IL with New Family of Brands, Scot Pump and Weil Pump

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WEFTEC (Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition) 2017 was held from October 2-4 in Chicago, IL. Wilo USA exhibited at the large national show alongside new Wilo subsidiaries, Scot Pump and Weil Pump.

Wilo USA Exhibited at WEFTEC 2017 in Chicago, IL with New Family of Brands, Scot Pump and Weil Pump

Wilo USA participated in the annual WEFTEC show this year with Scot Pump and Weil Pump, all unified under the Wilo brand. As the inaugural show featuring all three names, it was a great opportunity to present a strong image and build a solid foundation for growth and continued cooperation between Wilo, Scot and Weil.

Tim Stapula, Director of Marketing for Wilo USA said, “Since this was the debut of Weil Pump & Scot Pump exhibiting in a Wilo USA booth, we really took advantage of WEFTEC happening in our backyard. Scot & Weil were able to rotate more employees than they may have if the show was located anywhere else in the United States. We were prepared properly with enough staff from all three companies, knowing this would be a break-out show to display this new Wilo family.”

WEFTEC was the platform for several new marketing practices for Wilo USA, including guidelines on lead retrieval. The team worked diligently to make sure that each person entering the booth was scanned and entered into the lead system with notes. The marketing team in Rosemont is now able to follow up properly with each lead and connect them to their relevant contact within Wilo, Scot or Weil. In total, the team captured 810 leads, with 669 coming from the US and 141 coming from international sources.

The show was a strong debut of the three companies as a unified family of brands, and Wilo USA now turns to the upcoming national AHR building services exhibition in January.

Of AHR, Stapula says, “Our booth will be almost twice as large as WEFTEC, and will also be located in Chicago. This is a great opportunity for us. In a four-month span, all of the major BS & WM customers are coming to our region and will be exposed first-hand to exactly who the new Wilo USA is.”

Since the acquisition of Scot Pump and Weil Pump in early March of this year, Wilo USA has been looking forward to applying the knowledge and resources of all three companies towards a common goal of growth and continued stability. Shows such as WEFTEC and AHR play a large role in achieving those goals, and Wilo USA will continue to foster the relationship of the three companies in order to strengthen the Wilo brand.