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Grinder, Slicer, and Vortex Pumps

Grinder, Slicer, and Vortex Mover wastewater pumps are available in vertical, submersible, and dry well models.

Grinder Features

Solids are reduced to 3/8-inch diameter by the grinder cutter and shredding ring components. The 3/8-inch solids are then pumped by the impeller into the discharge line. The impeller is sized to efficiently pump the slurry at flows and pressures determined by the system design.

The grinder portion consists of a hardened rotating cutter mounted on a stainless steel motor shaft. A stationary shredding ring is positioned in the pump inlet. On all models the cutter and shredding ring are made from 440C stainless steel hardened to Rockwell 58C. The semi-open impeller is cast iron. A bronze impeller is available as an option.

Slicer Features

The slicer pump combines many of the characteristics of non-clog, cutter, and grinder pumps. Two slicer blades are 440C stainless steel hardened to Rockwell 58C. One blade rotates with the iron impeller and the other blade is stationary. Effectively slices and cuts sewage solids into pumpable pieces. The slicer will devour sanitary napkins, tampons, articles of clothing, disposable diapers, paper towels, newspapers, shop towels, and cigars.

Vortex Mover Features

The Weil Vortex “Mover Pump” solves the problem created by no-flush handi-wipe towels flushed into the wastewater system. These towels ball up and clog many grinder and solids handling pumps. Most no-flush wipes are cloth containing polyester (PET) fiber. The Weil Vortex “Mover Pump” pumps no-flush wipes such as:

  • Baby Wipes
  • Shopping Cart Wipes
  • Barrier Cloths
  • Wash Cloths

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