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Basins and Accessories

In addition to pumps and controls, Weil sells all of the system accessories needed to build a complete wastewater system.


Weil offers standard fiberglass basins with diameters as small as 18 inches and as large as 96 inches, and with depths up to 15 feet. Larger sizes are available upon request.

Basin Covers and Access Hatches

Basin covers are offered in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The covers are painted or, optionally, galvanized or epoxy coated. Simplex and duplex covers in round and square shapes are standard, with rectangular triplex or quadplex covers available upon request. H-20 traffic rated access hatches are also available upon request.

Pump Quick Removal Systems

Weil’s Quick Removal System allows a submersible pump to be lowered and raised from a wet well without disturbing the discharge piping. The pump can be inspected and serviced without entering the wet well.

First, a floor elbow is mounted to a sub base plate or directly to the wet well floor. Next, guide pipes are installed between the floor elbow and an upper guide pipe bracket. A sliding bracket is fixed to the pump discharge. Together, the sliding bracket and the guide pipes steer the pump to a perfect landing on the floor elbow.

Valve Assemblies

Weil’s proprietary duplex valve assembly includes two check valves and one four-way isolation valve. The valve system is installed in-line with the pump discharges and can be installed above or below the wet well cover.