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Packaged Wastewater Systems

“It was a package, so all they had to do was stick it in the ground. They loved it. Obviously when you have to start getting all the components together you have about 30 different things in there. You have to make sure they all work together, that’s the killer. The package system makes that easier on the contractors. I think it saves them a ton of time.” – James Pickering, Boone & Boone Sales

Our Packaged Wastewater Systems makes Weil your one-stop pump shop. By ordering the entire system from a single source, you’ll no longer have to coordinate shipments or wait on parts from different suppliers. When your packaged system arrives at the job site, the removal systems, wet well cover, and connecting pipes will be pre-assembled in the basin. Simply lower your Weil pumps into the removal systems, set your control levels, and wire into your control panel. Start-up just got a whole lot easier!

All packaged systems come fitted and complete with:

  • Pump(s)
  • Fiberglass Basin
    • Anti-Flotation Collar
    • Reinforcing Band
    • Lifting Lugs
  • Quick Removal System
    • Sub Base
    • Floor Elbow(s)
    • Guide Rails
    • Discharge Pipe(s)
    • Guide Pipe Bracket(s)
  • Basin Cover
  • Control Panel
  • Level Control(s)