Single Seal Submersible Pumps

Weil Single Seal Submersible Pumps can be used to pump wastewater, unscreened solids, water containing silt and a wide range of pollutants. Suitable applications include wastewater pits, below ground vaults, truck loading docks, parking lots, storm water pumping from underpass drainage and areas flooded from overflowing rivers, streams, etc.

Pump Features


Heavy-duty, close grain, high-density cast iron. Tripod support legs on floor models.


1-1/4 to 3 inches.

Solid Size

1/8 to 2 inches.


Semi-open or enclosed type, statically and dynamically balanced for a quiet, efficient operation. Cast iron impellers are standard on all models except 1451 and 1452, which have a stainless steel impeller. Bronze is available as an option on most models. Stainless steel is available as an option on selected models.


Stainless steel. Model 1451 and 1452 have a brass strainer.

Motor Features

Motor Type

NEMA 6, submersible air-filled, hermetically sealed, Class F insulation. Single-phase motors are capacitor start induction run.

Motor Horsepower

1/3 to 2 horsepower, 1750 RPM, and 3/4 to 2 horsepower, 3500 RPM.

Motor Voltage

Single-phase voltages are 60 Hz, 115 or 208-230 volt with automatic reset thermal and overload protection. Three-phase voltages are 60 Hz, 208-230 or 460 volt.

Temperature Ratings

160 degrees F – Normal Cyclical Duty

140 degrees F – Continuous Cyclical Duty

120 degrees F – Continuous Extended Duty

Motor Shell

Machined from close grain, high-density cast iron.

End Bell

Cast iron, air-filled hermetically sealed. Motor 9725 has a hermetic glass seal that separates the motor cavity from the power cord entrance. A power cord leak due to a cut and/or other damage will not permit water to enter the motor.


Buna-N O-rings for positive sealing. Viton O-rings are available as an option.

Power Cable

Cable type is neoprene jacketed. A three-conductor grounded plug is furnished on single-phase 115-volt cord sets.


Permanently lubricated single-row, double-sealed. Oversized to handle radial and axial loads.

Mechanical Seal

Carbon against ceramic face with heat-resistant stainless steel and Buna-N components. High temperature viton components are available as an option.


Series 300 stainless steel.

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