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Dry Well Pumps

Dry well wastewater models are designed to be installed in a dry area adjacent to a wet well.

Dry well models can also be installed as a booster pump in a sewage force main. A typical installation has a submersible pump in the wet well with dry well pumps installed at intervals in the force main.

Dry well models are also used with above ground wet storage tanks. Install with a valve on the suction side, and a valve and check-valve on the discharge side. A compact, easy-to-install and maintain pump arrangement is possible.

Dry well models with NEMA motors can be either horizontal or vertical mount. All NEMA motors are Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled.

Several dry well models are matched to a Weil double-seal submersible motor. This style is used in locations where flooding of a dry well may occur.

Explosion-proof motors are available on all models.

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