History of American-Marsh Pumps


- Incorporated July 1st, 1873
- Started in Battle Creek, MI, USA
- Large manufacturer of steam pumps Integral foundry, machine - shop & test lab
- Began manufacturing centrifugal pumps in 1912
- The first end suction and split case pumps are from this era
- Vast engineering, manufacturing and sales & marketing divisions

By the 1950’s American-Marsh Pumps was a complete positive displacement and centrifugal pump manufacturer

- American-Marsh Pumps was purchased in 1997 and moved to Tennessee, USA
- Merged with J-Line Pump Company in 2001
- Major product line changes occurred in 2002-2003 including end suction, split case, ANSI, self-primer
- Amercian-Marsh Pumps was aquired by Wilo USA, LLC a subsidiary of WILO SE in 2019

Today American-Marsh offers a full line of pumps for various markets and applications.