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HH Two-stage horizontal split case pumps are used for moderate to high heads in a variety of commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. The HH series two-stage split case pumps operate up to 3600 RPM and feature heavy-duty casings, high-efficiency enclosed impellers, oversized shafts, and optional oil-lubricated bearings.

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Technical Data

- Max Head: 950 feet
- Max Flow: 900 GPM
- Temperature up to 220°F
- Base mounted, flex-coupled
- Discharge sizes: 1.5" to 4"

Features & Benefits

- High Head
- Opposed impellers
- Optional ring-oiled lubrication

Materials of Construction

- Cast Iron
- Bronze fitted


- Commercial
- Industrial
- Municipal
- Boiler Feed
- Condensate
- High Pressure Booster
- Mining

Performance Data & Product Information Downloads

HH Enclosed Impellers