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Agricultural Pumps

In the agricultural sector, a sustainable approach to the use of water is a basic requirement for the production of natural food under constantly changing climatic conditions.

The changing climate noticeably affects production in many regions of the world. Irrigation is necessary under such conditions to secure the crop yields. Other conditions such as too little precipitation or severely fluctuating precipitation also necessitate irrigation to balance out the natural water supply. Irrigation is the key to turning vast areas into usable, fertile land, which would otherwise lie dry and barren. For this reason, artificial irrigation is used worldwide.

Modern field irrigation provides differing options for supplying the root systems with ample amounts of water. The water requirement depends significantly on the type of crop sown, the soil conditions and the climate.

Differing pump systems and irrigation systems are needed to ensure all plants get enough water.

Vertical Turbine Pumps

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Split Case Pumps