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AMP Testing Facility

Testing Capabilities

Our test lab facility at American-Marsh has been approved through the Hydraulic Institute Pump Test Lab Approval Program!

The test lab at American-Marsh Pumps has the ability to test a wide range of pump types. They include vertical turbine, submersible turbine, ANSI, split-case, horizontal end-suction, in-line, submersible sewage pumps and submersible sewage mixers. The American-Marsh test lab is also FM rated and UL listed for fire pump testing.

The testing facilities include a 300,000-gallon open test pit with depths ranging from 12’ to 20’, and a large diameter recess for deep set verticals up to 30’. Variable piping configurations as large at 36” can accommodate up to 30,000 gallons per minute in short run tests. The lab can also handle pressures up to 1,500 psig for hydrostatic and performance testing.
Additional specialty testing systems are used for the submersible sewage mixers with prop diameters up to 900mm, and open loop performance testing system for submersible sewage pumps from 3” to 16” discharge sizes. The submersible sewage pump system uses MAGNIFLOW gauges for more accurate flow readings.
Power capabilities include 208V, 230V and 460V power inputs utilizing a VFD control system to perform tests across a wide range of Hz levels. The power supply systems can accommodate up to 700 HP @ 460V and up to 100 HP at 208/230V.


- UL/FM Certified test lab
- Flows to: 30,000 GPM
- Pressure to: 1,500 psig
- Electrical: 208V, 230V and 460V - up to 700 HP @ 460V and up to 100 HP at 208/230V
- Speed ranges: To 3,600 RPM
- Testing is performed with clear water at 70 degrees F ambient temperature.
- Flow and power data acquired by electronic metering equipment.
- Accuracy of test equipment is verified by periodic calibrations audited by UL/FM.