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CIF modules

The modern connection for building automation.

Your advantages
Wilo-CIF Modul LON

The modern connection for building automation.

The Wilo-CIF module enables modern communication between pumps and building automation.

Improved design also means excellent reliability for the module, even when faced with severe pump vibrations.

Your advantages

  • Support of the most common protocols
  • Firmly bolted connections offer a high degree of reliability even with high pump vibrations
  • Easy to plug into directly accessible connections Retrofittable plug-in module for pump types Wilo-Stratos MAXO/Stratos MAXO-Z/Stratos MAXO-D
  • Serial/digital LON interface for connection to building automation via LONWorks networks:
    • LONTalk protocol
    • LONMark conformity
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CIF modules

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