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  • Federation Tower, Moscow

    11-Nov-2019 | Wilo pumps for Moscow´s business flagship

    NEW REFERENCE: One thousand pumps operate in Moscow’s Federation Tower

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    04-Nov-2019 | Using solar power to provide running water

    NEW REFERENCE: In some parts of the world, being able to take running water from the tap is not a given by any means. Water resources are becoming increasingly scarce, water quality continues to fall.

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  • Key Handover at Smart Factory at the WiloPark Dortmund production site

    14-Aug-2019 | The Key to the Future

    PRESS RELEASE: An important milestone for Wilo with the recent opening of our new industry standard 4.0 Smart Factory in Dortmund. Read the press release!

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  • Lakhta Centre

    31-Jul-2019 | Up high! Green pumps in Europe’s tallest building

    PRESS RELEASE: Like a crystalline needle, the tower of the Lakhta Centre rises up into the sky in St. Petersburg. Germany-based Technology Company Wilo takes care of several applications in the futuristic giant

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  • Rain water - Sub-Application Icon

    21-Feb-2019 | Rainwater pumps and rainwater tanks in Australia

    Learn more about rainwater use in Australia!

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  • Future Journey - Day 3 Step 9

    27-Aug-2018 | 10 ways to make your home water efficient

    Shortened your showers, turned the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth but still want to reduce your household water costs?

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  • 20-Aug-2018 | 8 Things NOT to flush down the toilet

    Below is a list of 8 things that should be going in the bin, not your plumbing system.

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  • Showerhead

    13-Aug-2018 | How to save on your water bill - without buying anything!

    Don’t let your hard earned money go down the drain!

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