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By replacing the right pumps, you can save thousands of pounds per year.

Operational reliability and dependability are your number-one priority when it comes to your water supply, but electricity costs and the opportunity for further savings may be taking on a more important role in view of current developments.

Rapid return on investment and high potential for savings in large buildings.

Whether heating, air conditioning, cooling applications or water supply, with Wilo pumps and pump systems you can save more than 70% in kWh compared to conventional, uncontrolled pumps, depending on the field of application.

Therefore, put your trust in energy efficiency and innovation: let us provide you with a consultation to assess your existing pumps and start the “ecolution” with us!

Cream of the crop: Coppenrath & Wiese rely on Wilo pumps

In order to reduce its electricity costs, Coppenrath & Wiese – Germany’s market leader in frozen baked goods – has decided to replace a large number of the outdated heating and hot water pumps at its main site in Mettingen with new Wilo pumps.“We checked all the pumps and decided on the ones that would pay for themselves the fastest”, explains Wolfgang Menger, Energy Management Officer at Coppenrath & Wiese. A total of 37 high-efficiency pumps, including Wilo-Stratos MAXO and Stratos GIGA, were installed by pesContracting. Thanks to a government subsidy, the ROI was already achieved in less than three years.Uncomplicated processing, a quick return on investment and significantly lower electricity costs – Coppenrath & Wiese were absolutely delighted with the pump replacement.

Our energy-saver examples:

Heating, air conditioning, cooling

With the Wilo-Stratos MAXO, you can save 92,000 kWh* or around £ 33,500 in 15 years.

Over a period of 15 years, the Wilo-Stratos GIGA2.0-I has a savings potential of approximately 150,000 kWh* or £ 55,000.

Water supply

With the Wilo-Helix2.0-VE, you can save up to 100,000 kWh** or up to £ 37,000 in 15 years.

The savings potential of the Wilo-Medana CH3-LE is up to 40,000 kWh** or up to £ 55,000 in 15 years.

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Discover our consultation services

Are you interested in customised consultancy and analysis of your existing pumps to start your transition to high-efficiency technology? Our Wilo Service team will be happy to provide you with immediate assistance!

* “Blauer Engel” load profile (6,000 hr/year); electricity price: £ 0.25, assumed yearly increase in electricity costs 5%; period under review 15 years; Wilo-Stratos MAXO 30/0.5-10 compared to TOP-S 30/10 1~, and Wilo-Stratos GIGA2.0-I 65/1-37/4.0Xx compared to Wilo-Vero IPL 65/140-4/2; **booster load profile (6,000 hr/year); electricity price: £ 0.25, assumed yearly increase in electricity costs 5%; period under review 15 years; Wilo-Helix2.0-VE 1005-1/16/E/S/3 compared to Wilo-Multivert MVI 808 -1/16/E/3~400-50-2, and Wilo-Medana CH3-LE.404-1/E/3/10T compared to Wilo-MHIL 506 -E-3-400-50-2