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A Letter to our Valued Partners and Friends - Wilo Stays Connected

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A Letter to our Valued Partners and Friends - Wilo Stays Connected

Consultant is using tablet in cityscape Consultant is using tablet in cityscape

Dear Valued Partners and Friends,

It is our hope that you, your family and loves ones, your colleagues are safe and well. This experience is certainly new to many of us, and the drastic impact on how we live and work during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Now, more than ever, we must do the right things and be prepared to take steps beyond what we are typically required to do.

In the current situation, it is vital that we at WILO, stay digitally connected – connected to our customers, employees and our communities. What you are experiencing, and how we can best support you and your team remains our priority. Your feedback is essential for us to chart the right course in ensuring your needs are addressed without disruption.

We can assure you, that WILO has the available infrastructure and processes in place to support you and your business during this critical moment. Our web-based software, database and website are always

accessible to assist daily needs and requirements. For a more personal "touch", our team of engineers and sales representatives remains connected and available, ready to serve and support as required.

Despite the global slowdown and challenges faced in terms of supply, our factories have made sufficient planning and anticipation, to minimize the impact on your intended supplies. Should you require more

details on products availability and the respective lead time information, do get in touch with us for a more comprehensive discussion and sharing.

Once again, let's stay safe while staying connected, and to overcome this challenges together.

Thank you.

Wilo Indonesia