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We celebrate our 150th year anniversary this year

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For you. For water. With passion.

We care about making the future sustainable.

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Renewable Energy As A Solution For Irrigation

Smart solutions for renewable energy

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Market Segments

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Wilo in Building Services

In the Building Services market segment, Wilo offers the necessary energy-efficient concepts for heating technology and air conditioning as well as water supply and wastewater disposal. Its product and system solutions are used in detached and semi-detached houses, public buildings, industrial and office buildings, hospitals and hotels.

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Wilo in Water Management

The precious resource of water is growing ever scarcer around the world, and the safe purification and supply of water is rapidly becoming a global challenge. Wilo offers professional solutions designed to meet the increasingly complex requirements involved in drinking water extraction, water pumping and wastewater transportation and processing.


Wilo in Industry

Wilo develops and manufactures pumps that guarantee the highest level of reliability, flexibility and efficiency, which are vital factors for pumps and pump systems in industrial applications. The Wilo Group’s strength in the Industry market segment lies in support applications for processes in various industries.


12 May 2022

Planting 1000 Trees of Mangrove

1000 Mangrove Trees From Wilo Indonesia

Wilo Pumps Indonesia participated in a movement to plant 1,000 mangrove trees. This movement was carried out on Thursday, April 28, 2022. The location took place on the Tambakrejo Coast, Gayamsari District, Semarang City, Central Java.

12 Mar 2022

Wilo Indonesia sponsored a club of soccer kids (OSSC)

Wilo Pumps Indonesia Supports a Soccer Club for Young Generation

Soccer is one of the most popular sports, even for kids and teenagers. One of the club whose purpose is to develop the kids and teenagers’ talents in soccer is OSSC (Ocean Stars Soccer Club).

24 Aug 2021

Africa GreenTec ImpactSite

Together For More Climate Protection

Electricity plays a fundamental role in the development of the sub-Saharan Africa region: water treatment, cooling chains, electricity, internet - and all of it seamlessly and securely.