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Reliable and Energy Efficient Pump​ for Mining Industry​

Dewatering Pump

Smart. Efficient. Sustainable

Smart. Efficient. Sustainable. Our solutions offer measurable added value.

Energy-efficiency and resource-efficiency are vital elements to the efforts to protect climate. One of our primary sustainability goals is to provide energy savings through high-efficiency pumps.

Dewatering Pump

Wilo offers a sophisticated solution that is having many convincing advantages for our customers

A dewatering system is needed to manage the water level in the pits at the mining site, therefore mining activities can operate safely.

Mine operators must ensure that this pumping system functions operates optimally and efficiently, continuously without interruption, reliable, and can be monitored in real time.

To support the needs of our mining partners, Wilo Indonesia tries to develop an innovative solutions in the field of pumps and pump systems that utilize digital technology and automation for smarter, more efficient and sustainable management of pump systems.

Smart Dewatering Pump, An Efficient Solution for Open Pit Mining

In order to control the water level in the open pit mining, it requires dewatering pump to pump out the water from the pit. This condition is quite challenging because of the content of mud, as well as the acidic conditions in the mine water that will be pumped. Wilo provides special pump solutions that will be delivered to answer those challenges with Force Dewatering (FD) Pump.

Force Dewatering (FD) Pump can be driven by an electric motor or with an engine driver. Both can be adapted to the site conditions. By using the electric motor driver with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) inverter, this can adjust the speed according to the pump load. This feature makes energy consumption more efficient.

One of our key feature is that our pump system equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, therefore the performance of dewatering pump can be monitored remotely, and real time by web-based monitoring. This can be much more cost-effective, time-saving, and having a complete data record if compared to conventional monitoring.

Smart Dewatering Pump

We put our best control for your requirements in real-time

→ Motor temperature sensor for motor safety

→ Level and dry sensor for vacuum tank and vacuum pump automation

→ Flow meter for performance parameter

→ Pressure transmitter for dry running parameter

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A full-service package for you as our partner

With Wilo as your partner, you are not only sure of choosing high-quality product solutions, but you also benefit from a comprehensive, care free package of individual services. This means that we reliably support you in every project phase from design and configuration, right through to commissioning and maintenance.

    • Site survey
    • Product and solution consulting
    • Product selection and solution
    • Package design drawings and production drawings
    • Installation drawings
    • Documentation
    • Production
    • Installation
    • Commissioning
    • Start-up
    • Fulfilling mining safety regulation
    • Service maintenance contract
    • Rapid repair service
    • Consignment spare parts
    • Efficiency check
    • Specific training courses
Dewatering Pump

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