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Wilo Pumps Indonesia Shares Success Stories #GreenHeroesforLife, at Innovation Summit Jakarta 2022

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Sustainability in business and industry is an important topic that needs special concern for all stakeholders from national to global scale.

Social and environmental changes continue to occur, so actions needed that leads to digital transformation and the transition of energy to efficiency and sustainibility industry. All aspects of governments, businesses, and consumers around the world are faced with the issue of how to implement the sustainability goals.

As the industy that concern with sustainability, Wilo participated in the Innovation Summit Jakarta 2022, organized by Schneider Electric. The Innovation Summit Jakarta 2022 was a moment for experts, partners and customers to discover the latest trends in innovation and digital solutions. This event was held on November 2-3, 2022, at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta.

Wilo, as a solutions provider, also one of the pioneers of innovation in the digitalization of pumps and systems, participated in this event through booth and discussion session. Visitors can learn our various innovative solutions from our booth and discussion session.

As a part of #GreenHeroesForLife, Wilo is ready to answer the challenges of digital transformation and energy transition as an effort to create sustainable industry. As the world's leading provider of premium pump products and pump systems for building service, water management and industrial applications, we provide high-performance and high-tech pump product solutions. Wilo has been a pioneer for digital and energy solutions in products and services.

There were a Panel Discussion as part of a series of Innovation Summit Jakarta 2022. Mr. Rizky Rachmadi, from the Product Development of Wilo Pumps Indonesia became the Panelist in the discussion session. The discussion explained the success story of Wilo Pumps Indonesia in implementing digital transformation as an effort to build industry sustainability. In addition, the discussion session also discussed the challenges faced in digital transformation and the solutions presented in responding to these challenges.

At the end of the discussion, Mr. Rizky Rachmadi said, “Hopefully, in the future we will focus on energy audits. We want to create effective innovations that can be the solutions for our customers. We hope that in the future those who collaborate with us, including Schneider Electric, can support the tools that make this solution happen.”

The challenges towards digital transformation and energy transition will be faced by all parties in achieving sustainability in the industry. As a pioneer in the pumps and systems industry in various segments, Wilo is committed to continuously create innovations as solutions for our customers. We are ready to answer the challenges of digital transformation, by being oriented towards products with high technological performance, as well as energy solutions to achieve sustainability goals, especially sustainability in the industry.