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Efficient solutions for increasing energy needs

Energy is the basic unit of life. Animals, plants and humans all need and use energy. This is why the worldwide energy demand is constantly and rapidly increasing. Therefore, it is one of the most important jobs of technological progress to use and produce energy more efficiently. The Anpara Power Station in India is one of the newest and also largest coal-fired power plants on the Asian continent. During design and completion, not only did economic efficiency play an important role, but also the ecological balance.

Demand-oriented pump development for extraordinary demand

To meet the gigantic cooling water demands of this 1,200 MW power station, Wilo developed a special pump type using vertical turbine pumps. In total, five of these massive pumps are used to supply the required cooling water. The pumps’ tasks include the extraction and transport of raw, process and cooling water, irrigation and drainage, as well as ensuring overflow protection. Each pump has drive power of 3,400 kW and supplies 35,600 m³ of water per hour. These are also the biggest cooling water pumps made of metal ever built in the energy sector in South Asia.

Around 90 % hydraulic efficiency

The overall system was designed according to specific requirements and to handle large flow rates. The use of state-of-the-art materials and technologies means that the pumps achieve an exceptional hydraulic efficiency of around 90 per cent. The energetic savings in this performance range, made possible by Wilo’s years of experience in the field of high-efficiency hydraulics, are extremely high and will lead to a significant reduction in energy costs.