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Break tank for sanitary water application (rectangular version)

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atmospherically vented break tank in accordance with 1988 (EN 806) for the indirect connection of a pressure boosting system to the public drinking water supply

When using, please observe DIN 1988 (EN 806) and the regulations of the local water-supply companies.

Scope of delivery

PE tank, round or rectangular design, with

  • Water level indicator
  • Draining, float switch as low-water signal transmitter
  • Venting and exhaust with valve plate
  • Inspection opening with cover that can be sealed without tools
  • Inner wash plates for slowing down the fluid
  • Inlet, overflow, draw-off connection


Approved fluid: pure water

Fluid temperature: maximum 40 °C

Tank material: PE, completely safe in compliance with all legislation relating to food safety


Break tank for sanitary water application (rectangular version)

Installation and operating instructions


Article Number 2530098
Edition 2018-11
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 72
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Certificate REACH (Documents)

REACH regulation

Edition 2020-08
Page format 209.9 x 296.7 mm
Number of pages 4
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