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Increase your operational reliability with state-of-the-art sewage pumps

Pumps and sewage systems are subject to ever-increasing demands. In order to meet them, process reliability, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness are crucial.

At Wilo, we rely on state-of-the-art sewage pumps with innovative hydraulic design, the latest in motors and digital monitoring as system solutions for sewage technology. Our technologies offer reliable protection from clogging and ensure smooth sewage transport.

We use innovative systems to optimise the pumping of sewage while simultaneously minimising downtimes. For example, macerators with integrated double shear effect help to prevent clogged pipes and increase operational reliability.

The IOT-based technology and digital remote monitoring systems also allows our pumps to help you keep an eye on your pumping station at all times. This save you valuable time in the event of error messages. You want even more transparency and safety for your pumping station? Then take a look at our WiloCare service packages.

Discover our product solutions now and increase your operational reliability, minimise downtimes and optimise your processes with Wilo – for efficient and reliable sewage transport!

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Reduce unscheduled downtimes – with digitally connected intelligent pumps.

The Wilo-Rexa SOLID-Q sewage pump features low-clogging and high-efficiency sewage hydraulics with self-cleaning properties. In combination with integrated Nexos Intelligence for pump and system control and optimisation, the pump detects foreign objects in the hydraulics early on and responds with hydraulic-specific cleaning cycles featuring customisable tolerance limits. As a result, the pump clogs less frequently while simultaneously reducing your downtimes and operating costs.

Benefit from durable, intelligent pump systems for your sewage pumping station!

Transport sewage – with innovative system solutions.

With the Wilo-EMUport CORE sewage pump system, you benefit from demonstrably fewer blockages in your sewage transport. The innovative system separates coarse solids from the sewage, thereby reducing the amount of solids that have to pass through the pump. Hygienic dry installation and easy access from outside ensure the system is very easy to maintain. Moreover, the use of PE and PUR materials makes the system highly durable while also offering protection against wear and corrosion.

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Prevent clogged pipes with effective macerators, featuring the patented double shear effect.

Solids and fibrous materials (e.g. wet wipes) are the main cause of clogging in sewage pumps and pipes. The Wilo-Rexa PRO-S sewage pump with macerator offers the perfect solution to this problem! It shreds solids with an innovative macerator with double shear effect to improve operational reliability. Choose reliable sewage transport.

Rely on the performance of the Wilo-Rexa PRO-S sewage pump!

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about energy efficiency

What are the most common causes of pump failure?

The most common causes of pump failure are wear, corrosion, overload, lack of maintenance, incorrect operation, clogging and material fatigue.

How can I prevent pump failure?

Measures to prevent pump failure include performing regular maintenance work, using properly sized pumps, monitoring operating conditions and selecting the right materials for the application.

What does the remote monitoring of sewage pumps involve and how can it help to prevent pump failure, improve efficiency and lower operating costs?

In the context of sewage pumps, remote monitoring is a modern and effective method of preventing pump failure and lowering operating costs. By installing sensors and measuring instruments on the pumps, data on oscillation, temperature and power consumption, among other parameters, can be recorded and sent to a central monitoring system. The system makes it possible to respond quickly to problems and helps detect pump failure early on and prevent it altogether. The recorded data can also be used to optimise pump performance and prevent overloads, which improves efficiency and reduces operating costs.

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