10 ways to make your home water efficient

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Shortened your showers, turned the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth but still want to reduce your household water costs?

10 ways to make your home water efficient

Below is a list of 10 things you can do to take your water efficiency to the next level, saving you money and the environment.

1. Rainwater harvesting

Water collected from Rainwater tanks is most commonly used in the garden and for outdoor requirements like lawn care and car washing. Rainwater can also be used for indoor water requirements like toilet flushing and washing machines! To learn more about rainwater harvesting contact your local plumber or read the rainwater harvesting blog!

2. Buy a bucket or a barrel

Want to use rainwater but can’t install a full rainwater harvesting system? Rain buckets or barrels are cost effective, easy to install, and a simple way to reduce water use in your home and save you money. The rain you collect can then be used to water your garden via a watering can or a pump system.

3. Energy efficient shower heads

Not ready to sacrifice your long showers? Install an energy efficient showerhead instead. Efficient shower heads mean you can relax knowing you aren’t using excess water.

4. Fix leaky taps.

A slowly, seemingly insignificant tap dripping away can waste up to 400 litres of water A WEEK! Have these leaks fixed and make sure to have your plumber check your toilet too – as these can often be leaking without you even noticing.

5. Go with the flow (restrictor)

Install a flow restrictor on any high pressure outlets. Don’t worry – this won’t impact your water pressure, it will only reduce the volume of water coming through each outlet.

6. Do the dual flush.

If you still have a single flush toilet, upgrade to a dual flush. As its name describes, a half flush uses half the amount of water as a full flush – using the half flush where possible will save you a huge amount of water and expense each month.

7. Install a hot water recirculator

The time it takes for a tap to get hot is enough time to waste a load of water. By fitting a hot water pump, you get instant hot water meaning you can jump straight into the shower without wasting water.

8. Buy an energy efficient washing machine

An average washing machine uses around 113 litres of water per load. You read that correctly, one hundred and thirteen! A water-efficient machine typically uses under 59 litres of water per cycle. That is a huge reduction on both your household water use and your energy bill.

9. Use low volume water saving sprinkler heads

Using sprinklers to keep that lawn the best in the street? Low volume, efficient sprinkler heads save water and allow your grass to soak in moisture and reduce runoff.

10. Buy an energy efficient dishwasher

Modern dishwashers are increasingly water efficient and can save you a load of water and money each week. Check the energy and water rating of your dishwasher to see how your current system rates.

By making your home more water efficient by using some (or all) of the gadgets and systems above, you can reduce your water use and utility expenses in the long term! For more tips on how to save money on your water bill have a look at the Wilo blog.