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Technical data
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Wilo-Comfort Controller for connecting pumps for water supply from bore holes and tanks.

Fully electronic Comfort Controller (CC) in steel sheet housing as floor model or for wall fixation, RAL 7035 (structure), protection class IP54, completely wired.

Switchgear suitable for connection to three-phase networks 3/PE 400 V/50 Hz in accordance with IEC 60038 (other voltages on request). Specially adjusted for borehole pumps from the Wilo catalogue.

The Comfort Controller CC consists of:

  • Internal power supply
  • CPU (+ backup battery)
  • Analogue/digital modules
  • Power section with fuses, contactors and motor-protection equipment as well as frequency converter and sine filter
  • Graphics-capable touch display with 3-colour backlight for indicating the operating status operation/fault/acknowledged fault, and supporting symbols and plain text for menu navigation in up to 27 languages, with European and Asiatic characters
  • 3 user levels, display and selection of menu language, passwords, operating parameters, elapsed time indicator (individual and total operating hours), history memory for operating and error messages with time stamp via real time clock, pump status and control variable actual value display, diagram function
  • Main switch, internal Manual-0-Automatic service selector on each pump
  • Operating mode selection (Manual/Off/Automatic) for each pump via touch display
  • Potential-free contacts (changeover contact) for collective run and fault signals (SBM/SSM), individual operation and individual fault signals (EBM/ESM) and dry running signal for each pump
  • Evaluation relay (for each pump) for the connection of submersible electrodes for low-water cut-out switchgear (detachable for each pump with separated boreholes)
  • Digital inputs for switching external systems ON/OFF*, anti-frost protection alarm signal*, setpoint switchover**
  • Analogue input 0/4-20 mA for external setpoint adjustment or control mode (only in version CC…FC and possible only with single-pump operation)
  • Overload protection via thermal winding contact, motor protection via motor protection switch/in star-delta start-up, starting from 5.5 kW via thermal overload relay (optional: PTC/PT100 triggering available)
  • PID controller, automatic pump alteration and service life optimisation for multi-pump systems
  • Three setpoints are selectable by default
  • Automatic fault-actuated switchover to idle pump
  • Short test run of pump(s) during standstill, pilot pump function
  • Automatic, load-sensitive cut-in of peak-load pump depending on the programmable control variables

Programmable control variables:

  • Pressure - constant, p-c
  • Differential pressure - constant, dp-c
  • Differential pressure - variable, dp-v
  • Temperature setter, n= f(T)
  • Speed setter, n=f(analogue In)
  • Temperature control, T-c
  • Differential pressure - constant, dT
  • Differential pressure - variable, dT-v
  • Other types of control on request

Option for live-zero evaluation for conductivity test (sensor/setpoint input), select from:

  • Signal and all drives full load
  • Signal and system deactivation
  • Signal and one pump at speed adjustable on frequency converter

Extra charge for optional modules (installation in factory or later after technical clarification):

  • Temperature module
  • For connection to BMS systems in accordance with VDI 3814, via analogue/GSM modem, web server
  • For connection to bus systems: Modbus RTU, BACnet, Profibus, LON-Bus, CAN-Bus, Ethernet, others on request.
  • Signal converter for external remote setpoint adjustment or control mode using 0/2 – 10 V signals.
  • Evaluation relay for PTC/PT100.
  • Buffered power supply unit
  • Measurement of electrical parameters, such as voltage, current, effective power, power factor, etc.

* on-site potential-free NC contact

** on-site potential-free NO contact

Order example: W-CTRL-CC-WP-2x20,0A-T4-DOL-FC-BM-PKG

Switchgear for 2 pumps with max. rated pump current of 20.0 A

WP = version for borehole pump applications (well pump), contains the equipment described above

T4 = mains connection 3~400 V

DOL = activation type of the pump: direct

FC = with frequency converter & sine filter

BM = designed as switch cabinet floor model

PKG = with packaging

Scope of delivery

  • Switchgear
  • Installation and operating instructions
  • Wiring diagram
Technical data
Max. number of controllable pumps 2
Phase 3
Rated voltage U 400 V
Min. rated current I 6.4 A
Max. rated current per pump I 10 A
Activation type Direct online (DOL)
Protection class IP54
Min. ambient temperature 0 °C
Max. ambient temperature 40 °C
Control With frequency converter
Installation Wall-mounted installation
Material, housing Steel
Length L 250 mm
Width W 600 mm
Height H 760 mm
Net weight, approx. 54 kg
Make Wilo
Item no. 2540261

Certificate REACH (Documents)

REACH Regulation

Edition 2021-05
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 4
PDF (212 KB)

Certificate (Documents)

Lithium Battery Test Summary / UN38.3

Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 1
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