Residential HVAC

The Wilo OEM solutions for HVAC residential circulators are tailor-made products that meet the requirements of our customers down to the tiniest details in order to meet all market requirements.

The pump solutions can be configured according to the following parameters:

  • Pump control functions, e.g.:
  • External control signal LIN
  • External control signal iPWM (bi-directional)
  • Manual control of the pump (green knob)
  • Selection of various pump housings that can meet different additional requirements, e.g. integration of functions and additional components (safety valve, automated venting, temperature sensor and/or volume flow sensor)

If required, and ordered in an appropriate amount, customer-specific pump housings are possible (here we cooperate with our partner Bitron HVAC Systems)

Selection of standard electrical cable connections or, if required, customer-specific production of these connections

Placing of customer logo or customer identifiers (e.g. barcode, QR code)

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