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Modbus Communication Protocol

Modbus is a communication protocol widely used in industrial automation, where robust communication protocols are required.

The use of Modbus in circulation pumps enables the construction of modern heating systems that focus on improved functionality, connectivity and energy efficiency, thanks to real-time communication capabilities.

Modbus is supported by a large number of devices, software tools, and resources.

This wide adoption ensures compatibility with existing systems and facilitates integration with other industrial equipment.

The technical guide below is a comprehensive reference to help users understand and use the Modbus circulator effectively.

You will find :

  • A wiring diagram,
  • Communication parameters,
  • Protocol details
  • And a register mapping table

Modbus Technical Guide

This technical guide will provide you all information you need to know to efficiently implement a Modbus circulator in your system.

Document Preview

Modbus List of registers

This document provides you the exhaustive list of input registers and holding registers available in the Para MAXO.

Document Preview