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Application know-how

With the invention of the world's first circulation accelerator in 1928 Wilo set an example and continued to do so ever since. The OEM sector also profits from these many years of experience.

We continuously strive to strengthen our application know-how in order to understand the application in the overall system instead of considering the pump as component, especially when it comes to complex challenges.

Since 1995, we have been offering a targeted OEM customer support.

So, over the years, our knowledge of, and our experiences with all kinds of customer applications (design, functional behavior and environmental conditions) has considerably expanded.

This continuous knowledge transfer leads to a continuous product optimisation in the entire system.

Experienced in application know-how, our experts analyse, qualify and validate our products in our customers' applications.

With various approved methods, experts check each development step in order to continuously maintain the highest quality level.

With our application identity card, we carry out qualification measures together with the customer (noise, acoustics and hydraulics).

We also offer EMC measurement to support you in your qualification phase.

Acoustic chamber in Aubigny/France

ElectroMagnetic Compatibility area in Aubigny/France