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Wilo selected as one of “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” worldwide

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Global initiative of the United Nations and Bloomberg on sustainability and climate protection

The Wilo Group has been selected this year to participate together with 49 other worldwide operating companies in the global sustainability and climate protection initiative called "50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders" of the United Nations and Bloomberg.

Wilo selected as one of “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” worldwide

The participating companies act on the basis of the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. “We are proud and happy to be part of this initiative. The Wilo Group, as leading technology company in the pump industry, is committed to achieving better living standards worldwide and improving the efficiency of water management systems in the face of climate change,” explains Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group.

As a climate protection company, sustainability is an integral part of the Wilo Group’s corporate strategy. By 2025, for example, 100 million people should have better access to clean water. “Our products, systems and solutions contribute to supplying people all over the world with water in an intelligent, efficient and climate-friendly way,” emphasises Oliver Hermes. Besides, pumps account for about ten percent of global energy consumption. By replacing outdated technology alone, Wilo high-efficiency pumps could save up to 246 terawatt hours of electricity – the equivalent output of 80 coal power plants.

Corporate political responsibility as a lived practice

As part of the "50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders" initiative, the participating companies make an important contribution to the debate on current issues such as environmental and climate protection or social justice. At the same time, they digitally present the results of their own sustainable actions in short documentaries.

“We take a clear position on issues such as climate protection, energy and resource efficiency as well as digital transformation. Together with our global network partners, we drive future-oriented climate-friendly solutions and proactively promote dialogue with politics, business and NGOs. Corporate political responsibility as a part of sustainable action is a living practice for us,” explains the Wilo boss.

Digital transformation as an opportunity for sustainability

“The companies involved in the “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” campaign are masters in turning plans into reality and finding a place for sustainability at the heart of their businesses,” says Paolo Emilio Zanini, CEO of the TBD Media Group and initiator of the campaign. More than ever, entrepreneurial role models are in demand in times of the coronavirus pandemic. “The digital transformation facilitates the path to a climate-neutral economy and should therefore be seen as an opportunity for more sustainability and climate protection,” says Oliver Hermes. “I am confident that together we can slow down climate change and achieve the global climate protection goals. With this documentary film, we hope to encourage others to promote the topic of sustainability and climate protection beyond company and national boundaries,” emphasises the President & CEO of the Wilo Group.

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